Star Wellness has been specializing in Electrolysis for over 10 years.

We offers Electrolysis Hair Removal and Thermocoagulutation Services at LeMar LUXE Spa Studio. 

At Star Wellness you are receiving an Electrolysis treatment that is unique and superior to other Electrolysis treatments. We always achieve permanent results while completing the process in the fastest and most effective way. We ensure you can feel confident investing financially on a treatment that is performed correctly. Many customers drive far distances due to our skill & reputation. ​

Christa graduated from the Electrolysis program at Gina's College of Advanced Aesthetics in 2008. She apprenticed and worked at the top Electrolysis clinic in Ottawa for over 8 years. During her career she has gained much knowledge and experience working along side 8 different Electrologists; 3 of them were mentors with over 25 years experience. She successfully opened her own Electrolysis clinic in 2013. Due to the heavy demand, She is now beginning to pass on her knowledge to her first Electrologist in Training who will be joining our team in January 2019. 

​"Electrolysis is not just a job, it is my calling." - Christa Johnson