My name is Christa Johnson and I am an Electrologist, Reiki Master/Teacher and Golden Infinity Flow Technique Practitioner. 
​In 2007, the Universe presented me with an open door and I chose to walk through it.
Electrolysis as a career was the best decision I ever made. That door led me to an even bigger journey that has allowed me to follow my dreams and help others to achieve theirs too. It is very rewarding.

I graduated from the Electrolysis program at Gina’s College Of Advanced Aesthetics in 2008. I apprenticed at the top Electrolysis clinic in Ottawa with 3 wonderful mentors with over 25 years experience and continued my career at that location for 8 years. In 2011, I graduated in a non-surgical cosmetic procedure called Thermocoagulation, where I learned how to identify and treat a variety of skin anomalies. This has also been very rewarding.

After many years as a successful Electrologist and my services in demand, I decided to open Star Wellness (formerly Star Electrolysis) in 2013. I want to give hope to women and men who struggle with their own hair removal because it really works. LeMar LUXE Spa Studio fit’s the standard that is required when offering a superior service such as Electrolysis performed with a Microscope and that is why I chose to offer my services in their salon.

In 2014, I completed my Reiki training with New Leaf Wellness and I became a Reiki Master-Teacher. Originally, I only learned Reiki for myself and my own personal journey. Once I completed my Master Level, I was guided to begin offering treatments and Reiki Certification. Reiki has transformed my life mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and I want to share the gift of Reiki with others.

In 2015, I graduated from Andromedan Lightwork as a Golden Infinity Flow Technique Practitioner. After having a few sessions and experiencing its wonderful gifts, I knew the next part of my journey was to learn how to perform these sessions on others. I am so grateful to be one of the first of a small group of practitioners in the entire world who can offer this special modality. It truly up-lifts your spirit and allows you to let go of the things that no longer serve you and your highest good. 

In 2016 I became a vendor at LUXE Boutiques where I sell many metaphysical items.  From Salt Lamps to Essential Oils & More!

I am happy to share these items with others at an affordable rate and see them help so many other people the way that they have helped me. I never knew I could enjoy retail so much.

In 2017, my Electrolysis services became so in demand that I was unable to accommodate new clients. I decided that it was time to introduce a new Electrologist to help with the flow. My first Electrologist in Training is my sister, Kelly. I am very excited to pass on the knowledge and skills I have acquired from working in this wonderful and rewarding field. 

I live with my husband, Mike, on our beautiful 20 acre property, completely surrounded by nature. We have 7 cats and 2 dogs - Bailie, Tilapia, Max, Simon, Bella, Pita, Zeus, Bogie and Lucy. I absolutely love animals and wildlife and have raised many things from tadpoles to raccoons. I enjoy giving Reiki to my pets and any animals or wildlife that is willing to receive it. For my own personal use I have completed courses in Animal Communication and Animal & Equine Reiki.  I also love crystals and have collected a wide variety of different raw mineral specimens from around the world.

Whichever service it is you require, I hope I have the privilege of meeting you.

LeMar LUXE Spa Studio Services

★ Hair Styling - 1 Master Elite Stylist, 1 Master Stylist, 2 Senior Stylists, 2 Junior Stylists 

(If you have never had your hair done at LeMar before ask me how you can get 50% off with stylist Stephanie!)

★ Manicures/Pedicures 

★ Hair Removal - Waxing

★ Permanent Hair Removal - Electrolysis

★ Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting

★ Make-up & Air Brush Make-up

★ Spray Tans

★ Massage/Hot Stone Massage

★ The Golden Infinity Flow Technique

★ Energy Healing & Reiki Certification

★ Ear Piercing

★ Skin Anomaly Removal (Thermocoagulation)

★ Diva and Princess Parties for Kids

★ Spa Day Including Lunch or Cheese Platter


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