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WHAT IS ELECTROLYSIS? Electrolysis is a Permanent Hair Removal method that is effective on all hair types, textures and colors. It is also safe for all body areas. Using a light source with magnification, an extremely fine probe is inserted into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the hair. Once the probe is in the correct place, a slight high frequency current is released into the follicle. This current will slow and destroy the growth cells of the hair (also referred to as the source of nourishment). After the hair is treated, it is gently removed with forceps. 

There are three different forms of electrolysis: Galvanic, Thermolysis and Blend. All three forms of electrolysis are equally effective and will produce permanent results when a qualified and experienced electrologist performs treatments. At Star Wellness we primarily use Thermolysis. As a former Electrolysis client myself as well as a Master Electrologist and instructor, it is in my opinion, the fastest and most comfortable method. Our 27mhz epilators are equipped to perform any mode of electrolysis, including the newer and very effective Synchro Mode. 

IS ELECTROLYSIS REALLY PERMANENT? Absolutely! Electrolysis has been proven to be the only safe, permanent method of hair removal for over 140 years. It is also the ONLY method approved by the Food and Drug Administration for PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL.
 Star Wellness has been successfully achieving permanent results for over 10 years. 

WHAT CAUSES UNWANTED HAIR GROWTH? Unwanted hair growth is usually caused by one of three general categories:
1) DNA - Determines the color, type/texture of hair and density.  (Congenital) 
2) Hormonal Imbalances and Endocrine Issues (Systemic)
3) Stimulation and/or Irritation - Tweezing/waxing/sugaring/laser/increased blood flow (Topical)

WHAT BODY AREAS CAN BE TREATED WITH ELECTROLYSIS? All areas of the body can be safely treated with Electrolysis. Even sensitive areas like nostrils, ears, breasts, brazilian and eyebrows. The most common areas women have treated are the upper-lip, chin, eyebrows and bikini line. For men the most common areas to have treated are the ears, eyebrows, shoulders and back. 

WHAT DOES ELECTROLYSIS FEEL LIKE? Electrolysis is fairly gentle with the advanced technology available today. Your sensitivity and tolerance level as well as the area being treated will determine the sensation. During your consultation you will receive a complimentary sample treatment so you can see how it feels before you decide to proceed.

HOW MUCH DOES ELECTROLYSIS COST? Electrolysis is paid for by time. Appointment duration and frequency will depend on how long it will take to clear the area. The cost will vary for each person. There is no way to give an exact cost because due to genetics, each person will be completely different. Each case is unique and each persons hair cycles will be slightly different and their hair will grow slower or faster than others. Each person also has a different amount of hair and previous temporary methods will contribute to how many treatments each individual hair will require. To get an idea of cost, we will need to determine how long you will need to book and how often you will need to come in. This can be achieved once we have viewed the area in person during your free, no obligation consultation. 

WHEN WILL I NOTICE RESULTS? The hairs will first become thinner and weaker before they stop growing permanently. Many people begin to notice results right away or within the first few appointments. Depending on the severity of the hair growth, significant results can be seen within 3-6 months of repeated appointments. Some hairs will stop growing before others. For example a finer hair will stop growing permanently faster than a coarse hair. A hair that has only been shaved will stop growing permanently faster than a hair that has been tweezed or waxed. 

HOW MANY TREATMENTS WILL I NEED? Electrolysis is a gradual process that will require repeated treatments of each individual hair follicle to completely destroy the growth cells.  Each follicle can only be treated once every 8-13 weeks due to the hair growth cycles. Generally appointments will begin weekly until cleared and as the hair growth thins and slows your appointments will space to 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks and so on. Eventually appointments can be spaced as far as 12 weeks apart until the process is complete.

The length of appointment and the number of treatments necessary will vary with each client. Hair type/texture, density, the area being treated, medications used, previous tweezing/waxing/laser, ethnic background, cause of hair growth, gender, age of client, etc. will all account towards how many treatments you may need. The skill level and experience of the Electrologist, as well as the technology she uses, will also play a factor in how quickly you achieve results. 

HOW DO I PREPARE BEFORE AN APPOINTMENT? Once you begin treatments, you will be unable to tweeze/wax or the process will not work. If it is your first time, please refrain from tweezing as long as you can possibly manage before your consultation. If you have already started Electrolysis, you will need to stop tweezing/waxing completely. You may shave or cut the hair but please allow 3 days growth or longer before an appointment. *See below for more information on these methods*

Your session will be more comfortable if you are well rested, stress free, illness free, you have eaten and you are well hydrated. In these circumstances your skin will react better, the sensation will be minimized and your hairs will come out more easily. 

CAN I TWEEZE OR WAX WHILE UNDERGOING ELECTROLYSIS? Please refrain from using these methods while undergoing Electrolysis. Tweezing and waxing distorts and stimulates the hair follicle; causing the hair to come in darker, coarser and stronger. Hairs that have been tweezed or waxed will become distorted and require more treatments than hair with a straight follicle.

When a hair is tweezed or waxed (or sheds on it's own) then it will not return from that exact same hair follicle for at least 8-13 weeks. If you pull the hair by the root then it will not be visible to treat again for this 8-13 weeks, making your Electrolysis process take longer. If you pull the hair after you have already treated it with Electrolysis, it will cancel the effects of the Electrolysis and you will never reach permanent results. 

Yes, you may shave or cut the hair, this will not affect the process. Please allow 3 days growth or longer before your Electrolysis appointment. 

WHAT ARE THE TEMPORARY SIDE EFFECTS OF ELECTROLYSIS? Each person will react differently to Electrolysis and will depend on the area being treated, the coarseness of the hairs, length of appointment and skin sensitivity. Most people experience minimal reactions with slightly red skin and irritation lasting 30 minutes to an hour. Our combination of advanced technology and insulated probes will leave less irritation to your skin. 

For sensitive skin or an aggressive treatment (really coarse hairs, high setting, long appointment) you may experience puffiness, stinging, itchiness or the area may feel hot.  Small red dots or scabs may appear 2-3 days after treatment. We will check in with you on your following appointment and discuss how your skin reacted after treatment. 

HOW DO I CARE FOR MY SKIN AFTER A TREATMENT? Proper after care will result in more quick and efficient healing. Please try to follow these guidelines for 72 hours to ensure fast and efficient healing. E
ach person has a different skin type and hair texture and will react to Electrolysis in different ways. Your after care regimen will greatly contribute to how well your skin responds and how quickly it heals. Each person will experience irritation and redness to some degree after a treatment, but if you don't follow the guidelines below then your irritation may last longer, you may break out in pimples/pustules and it may not heal as quickly. 

If you don't avoid the following, your irritation may last longer: 
Touching the area
Applying lotion
Wearing Make-Up
Washing with harsh soaps or cleansers

Avoid Direct Sunlight/Tanning Beds until the area is healed so you don't get pigmentation marking

Helpful Suggestions: 
Stay hydrated. This will help your skin heal faster.
You can apply aloe vera to calm and sooth the redness and irritation.
You can also use Coconut Oil.
It is helpful to apply ice to the area for 5-10 minutes once you get home.
Keep the area clean for a few days with witch hazel (or alcohol, sparingly)
Should you experience pimples you may apply tea tree oil once a day before bed or wipe with alcohol sparingly. 
Apply polysporin ointment on scabbing and/or irritation 2-3 times a day to promote healing and reduce healing times. Continue until healed.

ARE THERE ANY RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH ELECTROLYSIS? Electrolysis has been safely performed for over 140 years. For most healthy people there is no health risk. During your consultation we will review your medical history and medications and go over any concerns you may have. Please bring a doctors note if you have diabetes, a pacemaker or for any dark moles we will be treating.

IS THERE ANY REASON ELECTROLYSIS WILL NOT WORK ON ME? When performed correctly and the treatment plan followed, Electrolysis works on EVERYONE and is 100% effective on ALL hair colors, skin colors or body areas. 

If you have a good Electrologist, Electrolysis will always work. Unfortunately there are many improperly trained Electrologists that give a bad name to those who have the true skill. The only reason Electrolysis would have poor results is due to a poor Electrologist OR if you continued to tweeze/wax/thread/sugar between treatments.

Occasionally you will hear someone say Electrolysis didn't work and it is simply because they weren't willing to give the process enough time to work. It is not something that happens overnight and will require frequent, repeated appointments for the first 3-6 months but not be completed for up to 2 years.

WHAT KIND OF TECHNOLOGY & PROBES DO YOU USE? We use the most advanced technology available. The Apilus Platinum Pure is gentler, leaves less irritation and offers faster results than older models. We also use a Zeiss Surgical Microscope for superior comfort and precision. A surgical Microscope allows the operator a superior view of the follicle. Every single hair is visible and precisely treated. This technology is very costly and therefore you will only see the use of microscopes with upscale Electrologists. The magnification and light source of a microscope offers a more precise, effective, and comfortable treatment. We do not recommend having Electrolysis with the use of a magnifying loupe. 
You will achieve results much more quickly and effectively if you have an Electrologist who uses a microscope, and your skin will thank you for it too.

We use a sterilized, disposable, insulated probe on each client. Due to the cost difference, many clinics do not offer insulated probes unless you have sensitive skin. The insulated probe gives your skin more protection, leaves less redness and irritation and many clients agree an insulated probe makes the treatment more comfortable. If you have an allergy, we also have Gold Probes on hand to accommodate you. 

WHAT ARE YOUR SANITIZATION AND STERILIZATION PROCEDURES? Every Electrologist should follow a strict sterilization procedure governed by Health Canada. We use a new, sterile, disposable probe at every visit, and immediately dispose of it in a sharps container. We sterilize our forceps between clients and use disposable, vinyl gloves. Alcohol, witch hazel and creams are kept in separate containers that do not allow cross contamination and a new cotton swab is used each time a container is used. Disposable and laundered linens are placed under the client so bare skin does not come into contact with the bed. Our clinic receives a yearly visit by the Health Department to ensure all the proper sterilization and sanitization practices are being followed and updated as required. 

HOW DO I SELECT AN ELECTROLOGIST? A free consultation should always be provided to allow you to make informed decision. Book a consultation with the Electrologist and visit the office so you can observe the cleanliness, privacy and any other concerns you may have. You should learn all about what to expect from the process, how long it will take and how often to come in. Most places will offer a complimentary sample treatment so you can see what it feels like. Ensure the establishment has been visited by a health inspector to ensure proper sanitization and sterilization procedures are being followed correctly. 

Each Electrologist will vary in her level of experience, skill, speed, technique and equipment so it is important to do your research. Electrolysis has come a long way and the new techniques and technology are a large contribution to the success of reaching permanent results quicker than ever before. It is recommended to visit an Electrologist who continually updates her training and equipment. Not only will you achieve better results but the treatment will be less irritating to your skin and more comfortable as well. Electrolysis is not a regulated trade in Canada. Anyone can perform Electrolysis without going to school for it. Although not required by law, our Electrologists have completed Electrolysis training and are certified, trained and experienced. 


Electrolysis is 100% Permanent but a laser only has to have a 20% reduction in order to be approved under this FDA status.

Permanent Hair Removal by FDA standardsPermanent Hair Reduction by FDA standards
Removes 100% of unwanted hairReduces 20-70% of unwanted hair
Effective on ALL hair colorsEffective only on dark, coarse hairs
Safe for ALL skin colorsSafe for light skin only (cannot have a tan)
Safe for ALL body areasOnly safe for some body areas
Does not stimulate growthCan stimulate new growth


We appreciate your awareness of our cancellation policy. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance to give us a chance to fill the empty space in our day. Life happens and sometimes you forget, that's ok. Your first missed/cancelled appointment will be forgiven. 

We will try to give you a courtesy reminder call the day before, but this cannot always be guaranteed.

Please mark your appointments in your calendar just in case we don't get in touch with you.

Cancel within 24 hours or more: No penalty

Cancel less than 24 hours before: A fee of $1 for every minute that was booked plus HST.
Cancel less than 12 hours before: A fee of 100% of the scheduled service price plus HST. 
Missed Appointments: You will be charged 100% of the scheduled service price plus HST. 

These charges will be placed on your account without notice and payment will be due at the beginning of your next appointment.

You will not be charged if we are able to fill the appointment space. We are understanding of weather and emergencies. 

Please call us at (613) 918-0403 if you’re unable to keep your appointment. You can also contact us through our

LeMar LUXE Spa Studio Facebook page or at lemarluxe@gmail.com. Thank you, we value your business.

Thank you for reading.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Good luck in your Electrolysis journey.


These quicker frequencies offer a more 
comfortable treatment. It is gentler on the skin, leaves less irritation and achieves results more quickly than lower frequency models. ​

The Only Method of Permanent Hair Removal


We use a Microscope for superior magnification and precision. Due to the cost difference, many Electrologists choose to use a loupe instead. A loupe is not an option when you want the best.


What is Electrolysis?
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What does Electrolysis feel like?

How much does Electrolysis cost?

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How do I prepare for an appointment?
Can I still tweeze or wax while undergoing Electrolysis treatments?
Can I shave while undergoing Electrolysis treatments?
What are the temporary side effects of Electrolysis?
How do I care for my skin after Electrolysis?
Are there any risks to Electrolysis?
Is there any reason why Electrolysis will not work on me?
What kind of technology & probes do you use?

What are your sterilization and sanitization Procedures?
How do I select an Electrologist?
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You can be assured that you will get results. When performed correctly, Electrolysis is completely effective on absolutely everyone regardless of hair color, skin color, body area or genetic factors. We will be happy to answer 

ANY questions you may have about negative past experiences, myths or stories.


We will explain the Electrolysis
process to you and then we will examine
the area, give you a time frame for permanency

and you will receive a sample treatment.
Have a treatment that day or go home and think about it. No obligation required. 


Our probes are sterilized and disposable
 but they are also insulated. This gives an extra layer of protection to the skin, resulting in even 
less redness and irritation. We have gold probes on hand to accommodate anyone who may have an allergy to metal. One time use only.