WHAT IS ELECTROLYSIS? Electrolysis is a Permanent Hair Removal method that treats each hair individually and has been performed successfully for over 140 years. It is the ONLY method of PERMANENT Hair Removal by FDA standards. It is 100% effective on ALL hair colors including fine, white, red and grey hairs as well as peach fuzz. It is also safe for all body areas. 

The procedure involves inserting a fine probe into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the hair. Once the probe is in place, a slight current is released. This current will slow and destroy the growth cells of the hair, also referred to as the source of nourishment. After the hair is treated, it is gently removed with forceps. 

IS ELECTROLYSIS REALLY PERMANENT? Absolutely! Electrolysis is the only recognized method of Permanent Hair Removal. I have witnessed hundreds of satisfied clients (including myself) which is why I know it works which is why I continue on with this wonderful profession.

IS ELECTROLYSIS EXPENSIVE? Electrolysis is pleasantly affordable and it is a significant lifetime investment in yourself. Treatments are offered in 15 minute increments starting at $26. See our Rates here.

Consider the amount of money you may spend in your life on temporary products such as razors, shaving cream, waxing, sugaring, threading, nair, laser hair removal, etc. Your time is of value too. It is important to consider the time you will save once the process is complete. 

WHAT BODY AREAS CAN BE TREATED WITH ELECTROLYSIS? All areas of the body can be safely treated with Electrolysis. Even sensitive areas like nostrils, ears, brazillian and eyebrows. The most common areas women have treated are the upper-lip, chin, eyebrows and bikini line. For men the most common areas to have treated are the ears, eyebrows, shoulders and back. 

WHAT DOES ELECTROLYSIS FEEL LIKE? Electrolysis is fairly gentle with the technology used today but your sensitivity and tolerance level as well as the area being treated will determine the sensation. The type and thickness of the hair will determine how high the setting needs to be and the higher the setting, the more you will feel it. Our top of the line technology is the gentlest on the market and will contribute to a more comfortable treatment.
During your consultation you will receive a complimentary sample treatment so you can see how it feels before you decide to proceed. 

HOW DO I PREPARE BEFORE AN APPOINTMENT? Your session will be more comfortable if you are well rested, stress free, illness free, you have eaten and you are well hydrated. In these circumstances your skin will react better, the sensation will be minimized and your hairs will come out more easily. Please kindly cancel your appointment if you are sick. 

HOW MANY TREATMENTS WILL I NEED? Your hair texture, density, ethnic background, temporary methods previously used, medications, medical history and the area being treated will determine the length of appointments and number of treatments necessary. Generally, each hair will require approximately 2-6 treatments to be permanently removed. 

Due to the hair cycles, not all your hair is always visible. Each hair goes through different stages at different times, therefore each hair can only be treated once every 8-13 weeks. The 3 growth stages are Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Your treatments are most effective when the hair is in it's Anagen stage so it important to come when the hair growth is first visible. You will receive a more accurate treatment plan once I have examined the area in person. 

WHEN WILL I NOTICE RESULTS? Electrolysis is a gradual process that you will notice after each treatment as the hair thins out and the growth slows down until it is permanently removed. Since we are removing the hair as we treat it, many people begin to notice results right away or in a denser area, within a few appointments. You will begin to notice significant results after 8-13 weeks after each hair in the different cycles have been treated at least once and the hair has begun thinning and slowing. 


Eyebrows ★ Mid-Brow 15 - 30 Minutes  (Initial Shaping may take longer) 
Upper-lip ★ Lower-lip ★ Ears 15 - 30 Minutes 
Chin ★ Jaw ★ Neck 15 - 45 Minutes 
Sides ★ Cheeks 30 Minutes - 1 Hour 
Face (All Areas)  45 Minutes - 1 Hour 
Hands ★ Fingers ★ Feet ★ Toes 15 - 30 Minutes 
Underarms  ★  Bikini Line 30 Minutes - 1 Hour 
Brazilian  ★  Legs 1-2 Hours (1 Hour Minimum) 
Back Thighs ★ Front Thighs 30 Minutes - 1 Hour 
Shoulders ★ Back (Partial) 30 Minutes - 1 Hour 
Shoulders ★ Back (Full) 1-2 Hours (1 Hour Minimum) 

*You will receive a more accurate recommendation at the time of your consultation.

CAN I TWEEZE OR WAX WHILE UNDERGOING ELECTROLYSIS? Please refrain from using these methods whole undergoing Electrolysis. When a hair is tweezed or waxed (or sheds on it's own) then it will not return from that exact same hair follicle for at least 8-13 weeks. If you pull the hair by the root then it will not be visible to treat again for this 8-13 weeks, making your Electrolysis process take longer.  Tweezing and waxing distorts and stimulates the hair follicle; causing the hair to come in darker, coarser and stronger. If you pull the hair after you have already treated it with Electrolysis, it will cancel the effects of the Electrolysis and you will never reach permanent results. 

Yes, you may shave or cut the hair, this will not affect the process. Please allow 2-3 days growth before your Electrolysis appointment. You may also bleach or you can use a depilatory cream but I recommend cutting or shaving. 

WHAT ARE THE TEMPORARY SIDE EFFECTS OF ELECTROLYSIS? Each person will react differently to Electrolysis and will depend on the area being treated, the coarseness of the hairs, length of appointment and skin sensitivity. Most people experience minimal reactions with slightly red skin and irritation lasting 30 minutes to an hour. Our combination of advanced technology and insulated probes will leave less irritation to your skin. 

For more sensitive skin or a more aggressive treatment, the side effects may last longer or you may experience puffiness, stinging, itchiness or the area may feel hot. If a high setting is used, small red dots or scabs may appear. There are many options available for sensitive skin. Your Electrologist should inform you at the time of our appointment if she suspects their may be scabbing. She should know from experience by the setting she is using and the area she is treating. Polysporin will help this heal much more quickly. The technology today is so amazing, there is no concern for any permanent damage. 

*Please note that each person has a different skin type and hair texture and will react to Electrolysis in different ways. Your after care regimen will greatly contribute to how well your skin responds and how quickly it heals. Each person will experience irritation and redness to some degree after a treatment, but if you don't follow the guidelines below then your irritation may last longer, you may break out in pimples/pustules and it may not heal as quickly.

 Proper after care will result in more quick and efficient healing. Please try to follow these guidelines for 72 hours to ensure fast and efficient healing.

Avoid for at least 72 Hours: 
Touching the area
Applying lotion
Wearing Make-Up
Direct Sunlight/Tanning Beds
Excessive exercise 
Washing with soaps or cleansers

Helpful Suggestions: 
Stay hydrated. This will help your skin heal faster.
You can apply aloe vera to calm and sooth the redness and irritation.
It is helpful to apply ice to the area for 5-10 minutes once you get home.
Keep the area clean for a few days with witch hazel (or alcohol, sparingly)
Should you experience pimples you may apply tea tree oil once a day before bed or wipe with alcohol sparingly. 
Apply polysporin ointment on scabbing and/or irritation 2-3 times a day to promote healing and reduce healing times. Continue until healed.

ARE THERE ANY RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH ELECTROLYSIS? Electrolysis has been safely performed for over 140 years. For most healthy people there is no health risk. During your consultation I will review your medical history and medications and go over any concerns you may have. It is still possible to have Electrolysis when you have diabetes or a pacemaker. This will require a doctors note. 

IS THERE ANY REASON ELECTROLYSIS WILL NOT WORK ON ME? Electrolysis works on EVERYONE and is 100% effective on ALL hair colors. The only reason Electrolysis would have poor results is if you continued to tweeze/wax/thread/sugar between treatments or because of an improperly trained or in-experienced Electrologist. 

WHAT KIND OF EQUIPMENT DO YOU USE? We use the most advanced technology available. The Apilus Platinum Pure is gentler, leaves less irritation and offers 25% faster results than older models. We also use a Zeiss Surgical Microscope for superior comfort and precision. 

WHAT KIND OF PROBES DO YOU USE? We use a sterilized, disposable, insulated probe on each client. Due to the cost difference, many clinics do not offer insulated probes unless you have sensitive skin. The insulated probe gives your skin more protection, leaves less redness and irritation and many clients agree an insulated probe makes the treatment more comfortable. If you have an allergy, we also have Gold Probes on hand to accommodate you. 

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MAGNIFYING LOUPE AND A SURGICAL MICROSCOPE? A loupe is a magnifying glass that is attached to a stand with a light on it. It can magnify the area 2-5x. Many clients complain of missed hairs, especially the lighter, finer ones. This is because the Electrologist cannot see them with this magnification and light source. 

A surgical Microscope allows the operator a superior view of the follicle. It can magnify the area 20x and every single hair is visible and precisely treated. This technology is very costly and therefore you will only see the use of microscopes with upscale Electrologists. The magnification and light source of a microscope offers a more precise, effective, comfortable treatment and you will most likely notice better results as well.

HOW DO I SELECT AN ELECTROLOGIST? In Canada, Electrolysis may be practiced without any training or diploma. This is something to take into consideration when selecting an Electrologist. A consultation should be provided to allow you to make informed decision. Book a consultation with the Electrologist and visit the office so you can observe the cleanliness, privacy and any other concerns you may have. To learn more about me, please visit here.

An Electrologist must use a new, sterile, disposable probe at every visit, must sterilize forceps between clients and must wear disposable gloves. Alcohol, witch hazel and creams should be in separate containers that does not allow cross contamination and new cotton swabs must be used each time a container is used. I follow all of these procedures and keep them up to date. Be sure to make sure the establishment has been visited by a health inspector as they are here to ensure that all sterilization procedures are followed and updated as needed.

Each Electrologist will vary in her level of experience, skill, speed, technique and equipment so it is important to do your research. Electrolysis has come a long way and the new techniques and technology are a large contribution to the success of reaching permanent results quicker than ever before. It is recommended to visit an Electrologist who continually updates her training and equipment. Not only will you achieve better results but the treatment will be less irritating to your skin and more comfortable as well. 

WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE YOUR CLINIC? At Star Wellness you are receiving an Electrolysis treatment that is unique and superior to other Electrolysis treatments. I have been specializing in Electrolysis for 10 years. Electrolysis is my passion and I truly care about my clients, many of whom become my friends. Electrolysis is not just a job to me, it is a calling. I always achieve permanent results while completing the process in the fastest and most effective way. I ensure you can feel confident investing financially on a treatment that is performed correctly. 

Many people travel far distances due to my speed and skill. I have many clients who were being treated at other locations. They were not getting results but upon hearing about my reputation, they came to me they finally saw hope to an end in the process. We use top of the line technology that is not available at any other clinic; including a Microscope which is simply a must for magnification in this modern era. 

I graduated from the Electrolysis program at Gina's College of Advanced Aesthetics in 2008. I apprenticed and worked at the top Electrolysis clinic in Ottawa for over 8 years. During my career I have gained much knowledge and experience working along side 8 different Electrologists; 3 of them were mentors with over 25 years experience. I successfully opened my own Electrolysis clinic in 2013. Due to the heavy demand, I am now beginning to pass on my knowledge and skills to my first Electrologist in Training. Electrolysis truly works and I guarantee you will be happy you chose Star Wellness.​​


Permanent Hair Removal by FDA standardsPermanent Hair Reduction by FDA standards
Removes 100% of unwanted hairReduces 40-80% of unwanted hair
Effective on ALL hair colorsEffective only on dark, coarse hairs
Safe for ALL skin colorsSafe for light skin only (cannot have a tan)
Safe for ALL body areasOnly safe for some body areas
Does not stimulate growthCan stimulate growth where hair is not dark enough
Hairs are removed during treatmentHairs fall out in 1-2 weeks


​​​The ONLY Method of Permanent Hair Removal


15 Minutes - $26

30 Minutes - $48

45 Minutes - $70

1 Hour - $88

We are the only clinic in the area that specializes in Electrolysis with a Microscope and 27MHZ Technology. 

★ Free Consultation​​ & Sample Treatment

★ 10 Years Experience Specializing in Electrolysis

★ 27MHZ Technology for Comfort & Faster Results
★ Zeiss Microscope for Magnification & Precision
★ Sterilized, Disposable, Insulated Probes

​★ Private & Professional Office

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