WHAT IS ELECTROLYSIS? Electrolysis is a Permanent Hair Removal method that is effective on all hair types, textures and colors. It is also safe for all body areas. Using a light source with magnification, an extremely fine probe is inserted into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the hair. Once the probe is in the correct place, a slight high frequency current is released into the follicle. This current will slow and destroy the growth cells of the hair (also referred to as the source of nourishment). After the hair is treated, it is gently removed with forceps. 

IS ELECTROLYSIS REALLY PERMANENT? Absolutely! Electrolysis has been proven to be the only safe, permanent method of hair removal for over 140 years. It is also the ONLY method approved by the Food and Drug Administration for PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL.
 Star Wellness has been successfully achieving permanent results for over 10 years. 

WHAT CAUSES UNWANTED HAIR GROWTH? Unwanted hair growth is usually caused by one of three general categories:
1) DNA - Determines the color, type/texture of hair and density.  (Congenital) 
2) Hormonal Imbalances and Endocrine Issues (Systemic)
3) Stimulation and/or Irritation - Tweezing/waxing/sugaring/laser/increased blood flow (Topical)

WHAT BODY AREAS CAN BE TREATED WITH ELECTROLYSIS? All areas of the body can be safely treated with Electrolysis. Even sensitive areas like nostrils, ears, breasts, brazilian and eyebrows. 

WHAT DOES ELECTROLYSIS FEEL LIKE? Electrolysis is fairly gentle with the advanced technology available today. Your sensitivity and tolerance level as well as the area being treated will determine the sensation. During your consultation you will receive a complimentary sample treatment so you can see how it feels.

HOW MUCH DOES ELECTROLYSIS COST? Electrolysis is an investment in yourself and is not as expensive as you'd think... especially considering it lasts a lifetime. Electrolysis is paid for by the time it takes to clear the area. How long it takes to clear the area depends on the area being treated, how much hair you wish to remove and the coarseness of the hairs.There is no set cost per area because each person is unique. Once we have viewed the area in person under our microscope we can recommend appointment length and frequency so you know the cost before you decide to proceed. 

ARE THERE ANY RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH ELECTROLYSIS? Electrolysis has been safely performed for over 140 years. For most healthy people there is no health risk. During your consultation we will review your medical history and medications and go over any concerns you may have. Please bring a doctors note if you have diabetes, a pacemaker or for any dark moles we will be treating.

IS THERE ANY REASON ELECTROLYSIS WILL NOT WORK ON ME? If you have a good Electrologist, Electrolysis will always work. When performed correctly and the treatment plan followed, Electrolysis works on EVERYONE and is 100% effective on ALL hair colors, skin colors or body areas. No questions, no exceptions..
. Christa opened her own business due to the demand of her skill. She has treated hundreds of satisfied clients in her 11 year career. 

TECHNOLOGY & PROBES We use the most advanced technology available. Our epilator is gentler, leaves less irritation and offers faster results than older models. We also use a surgical microscope for superior comfort and precision. A surgical microscope allows the operator a superior view of the follicle. Every single hair is visible and precisely treated. This technology is very costly and therefore you will only see the use of microscopes with upscale Electrologists. The magnification and light source of a microscope offers a more precise, effective, and comfortable treatment. We do not recommend having Electrolysis without a microscope. 
You will achieve results much more quickly and effectively if you have an Electrologist who uses a microscope, and your skin will thank you for it too.

We use a sterilized, disposable, insulated probe on each client. Due to the cost difference, many clinics do not offer insulated probes unless you have sensitive skin. The insulated probe gives your skin more protection, leaves less redness and irritation and many clients agree an insulated probe makes the treatment more comfortable. If you have an allergy, we also have Gold Probes on hand to accommodate you. 

SANITIZATION AND STERILIZATION PROCEDURES Every Electrologist should follow a strict sterilization procedure governed by Health Canada. We use a new, sterile, disposable probe at every visit, and immediately dispose of it in a sharps container. We sterilize our forceps between clients and use disposable, vinyl gloves. Alcohol, witch hazel and creams are kept in separate containers that do not allow cross contamination and a new cotton swab is used each time a container is used. Disposable and laundered linens are placed under the client so bare skin does not come into contact with the bed. Our clinic receives a yearly visit by the Health Department to ensure all the proper sterilization and sanitization practices are being followed and updated as required. 

WHAT HAPPENS IN A CONSULTATION? We will explain the process to you in detail and examine the area so we can determine the treatment plan that will get you permanent results in the shortest amount of time. We will recommend how often to come in, for what length, We will answer and specific questions you have at this time. You will then receive a sample treatment to show you what it feels like. You can go home and think about it before you make a decision, or we always reserve an extra 15 minutes in case you decide you want to start that day.

HOW DO I BOOK AN APPOINTMENT? Your first appointment can be booked here or by calling 613-925-1777. Please leave a message if we do not answer as sometimes we are with a client but will return your call as soon as possible. At your first appointment, we will provide texting and email options for any future appointments.

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? We are located at 392 Edward Street in Prescott, Ontario. This building has numerous businesses within it including LeMar LUXE Spa Studio, LUXE Boutiques and the Prescott Halotherapy and Reflexology Centre. 

WHAT ARE YOUR HOURS? We are available in the afternoons and evenings by appointment. We offer appointments until 8pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We try to be very accommodating to each individuals scheduling needs and often start early or stay late or schedule appointment outside of business hours. We may close early if we have no more clients for the day. You can view our set hours here. 

WHERE CAN I PARK? There is an on-site parking lot as well as street parking on the side and back streets. 

WHAT ENTRANCE DO I USE? The main entrance is through the parking lot and up the stairs. The first reception desk is for LeMar LUXE. To your left there is an opening and there you will find the Star Wellness reception desk. 

WHAT DO I DO WHEN I ARRIVE? Please check in at our reception desk. If you are early you can tour LUXE Boutiques or help yourself to a coffee or tea. 

WILL I RECEIVE A REMINDER CALL FOR MY APPOINTMENT? We offer reminder text or email. If you provide us with a cell phone number or email address, we will send you a reminder 1-2 days before your appointment. 

WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY? Please allow 24 hours for changes/cancellations to allow us to call the clients on our cancellation list. Fees will apply for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. 

WHAT PAYMENT TYPES DO YOU ACCEPT? We accept cash, debit, mastercard, visa and E-transfer. We are unable to accept American Express, Discover or Apple Pay at this time.

I AM NOT IN YOUR AREA - HOW DO I SELECT AN ELECTROLOGIST? It can be hard to find a good Electrologist and there are many factors to consider. For a complete guide to finding a skilled Electrologist that will get you results you can visit www.ElectrolysisHairRemoval.ca


Electrolysis is 100% Permanent but a laser only has to have a 20% reduction in order to be approved under this FDA status.

Permanent Hair Removal by FDA standardsPermanent Hair Reduction by FDA standards
Removes 100% of unwanted hairReduces 20-70% of unwanted hair
Effective on ALL hair colorsEffective only on dark, coarse hairs
Safe for ALL skin colorsSafe for light skin only (cannot have a tan)
Safe for ALL body areasOnly safe for some body areas
Does not stimulate growthCan stimulate new growth

Electrolysis Hair Removal

The Only True Permanent Method

Specializing in Microscopic Electrolysis

Christa is a highly reputable master of her trade. Using top of the line technology, you can be sure you are receiving a proper treatment by a certified, knowledgeable, experienced and meticulous Electrologist. 

Free Consultation & Sample Treatment 

A consultation will answer all the questions you have about Electrolysis Hair Removal. By viewing the area and the hairs we can provide you with an accurate estimate of when you will start to see a reduction and when the treatments will become permanent. We need to see the area in person so we can recommend appointment length and frequency. You will also get to see what it feels like before you make a decision. No obligation required.