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Catering to Prescott, Brockville & Kemptville, we also serve clients from Ottawa, Cornwall, Kingston & Ogdensburg, NY.

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Private and Upscale Office

Receive the finest Electrolysis treatment in a private, friendly & soothing environment. We have over 10 years experience using top of the line technology.

Microscopic Electrolysis

We have specialized in Microscopic Electrolysis since 2008.

Scalp Testimonial

This man and many others can attest to the fact that with time and patience, Electrolysis is truly permanent when performed correctly. Dan had all the hair on his head treated by Christa at Star Wellness! (Located at LeMar LUXE Hair Studio). Thank you Dan for your review.

"Being a man who prefers to be bald, I faced the task of shaving every day. I found this to be a lot of trouble. At a point in time, I wondered if electrolysis might be an option. I contacted several local electrologists who responded that they don’t do heads. However, when I talked to the folks at Lemar, they said to come in for a consultation with Christa Johnson. When we met, Christa didn’t hesitate at all, saying she could help me. I found her to be courteous and professional so I went ahead. I am very happy with the results. I no longer have the burden of shaving and stubble. Many thanks to Christa and the staff at Lemar for a job well done. Dan. - Maitland, ON"