If you have unwanted hair that you are tired of hiding, plucking, waxing, shaving... Electrolysis is the permanent solution you have been searching for. We have experience in treating all body areas on men. It can be for small areas such as the eyebrows or large areas like the chest. Many common areas men have treated are the middle brow, ears, nostrils, shoulders and back. 

Examples of what you can achieve with Electrolysis: 

  • Structure the hair line
  • Shape the beard or clean up irregularities around the cheeks and neck
  • Remove hair from the middle of the eyebrows
  • Clean up and/or shape the eyebrows (we will make it look natural)
  • Remove hairs from the ears and nostrils
  • Remove irregular patches from arms, shoulders, and neck
  • Remove large areas of hair on the chest and back
  • Men who shave their head or suffer from hair loss can have the hair permanently removed from their head


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