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Pre-Payment is Required by E-Transfer if ordering in advance. Details will be sent upon Confirmation.

Foil balloons will last a couple days to a week when kept in a cool place indoors. 

Latex Balloons will last 8-12 hours when kept in a cool place indoors. 

To ensure your latex balloons last 72 hours or more, you will need to add latex helium extender.

18" Foil Balloon & Fill... $3.00-$5.00
Jumbo Numerals & Fill... $14.00 each
Single Latex Balloons (8-12 hours)... $1.75 each
10 Latex Balloons (8-12 Hours)... $15.00
Latex with Helium Extender (1-2 weeks)... $2.50 each
Junior Shape Foil Balloon & Fill... As Marked
Specialty/Jumbo Foils Balloon & Fill... As Marked
Weights... $1.25

Tax Included

To place an order, fill out the form below and we will contact you regarding the details. Upon confirmation of your order, pre-payment is required by E-transfer or you can pay at LUXE Boutiques at least 1 week before pick-up. 

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