Christa is an outstanding professional and person. She takes great care and pride in her work. It has always been a

positive experience. She has such great attention to detail, but does not compromise on speed. I was very impressed with

her speed. I have visited many other electrolysis technicians and she is by far the fastest, which is one of the reasons why I decided to see her exclusively and to remain her client, even though I have a long commute for each visit. It is well worth it! Christa is very accommodating and kind, and will always go the extra mile. Her work is always very good and the results noticeable. Because I am confident in and vouch for the quality of her work, I have recommended her to many of my

co-workers and friends and I will continue to do so. Thank you, Christa for your great work! - Violeta D

Christa is fabulous and provides exceptional service and quality and so much more. She is kind, compassionate,

and sincerely cares about each and every client in a deep and personal way. - Christina D

UPDATE: Christine has now completed her Electrolysis treatments.

Highly recommend!!! I have been seeing Christa for electrolysis the last few months... she has been fabulous!!! I have been

to 8 different electrologists over the years and I was overly impressed with her knowledge & technique. She also has a fancy machine and microscope. She is hard to get an appointment with but it was worth the wait. I was nervous because its hard to find someone good but I am getting amazing results with her & I am soooo happy. Don't wait, its so worth it! - Jenny C

"I had ALL my skin anomalies removed 2 weeks ago at Star Wellness and I am so beyond pleased with the results!! All skin tags (a lot) gone! Mole gone! It was only $25 and took a few minutes. A little painful in certain places but SO worth it. I recommended the treatment to my sister who just had 2 facial anomalies removed last week. She was pleased too. Christa is wonderful and explains everything. Wish I had done it sooner! Like Nike says, " Just Do It!" You will love the results." - Trish Q

"I have been to many Electrolysis clinics over the years and Christa is by far the fastest Electrologist I have found. I drive an hour to see her because she can remove double what other technicians can while still doing it right. Her machine is much

easier on my skin and I definitely find it worth my while to make the trip to her." - Annie K

UPDATE: Annie only comes for a clean up every 3 months.

"My life has changed since I had Reiki from Christa Johnson. I am a single 44 year old with a teen son who has Aspergers.

I was skeptical of Reiki at the beginning, but I had nothing to lose by trying it. I was on steroids and vomiting blood for more

than 3 years and had been running back to the hospital for Iron..ns, MRI, cat scans, and scopes. I have been battling Crohns

Disease and Degenerative Disc Disease for many years and unfortunately I was running out of hope fighting both…. until I discovered Christa at LeMar LUXE Spa Studio. I have no depression and my Crohns Disease is tolerable as I Have acid

reflux and degenerative disc disease to battle. I have found HOPE , With the guidance and support from Christa I can achieve this as I am not on pain meds or harsh steroids. Her treatments are cheaper than the medications. I was amazed and also

I was spiritually awakened and took some Reiki classes, workshops and Reiki shares. I was pulled to work on what was

causing the issues with my health….. the main root of the problem. The Reiki has helped my son also he is NOT on and

Meds but the Reiki and essential oils using Valor from Young Living as I am now a distributor. Reiki will change

EVERYTHING!!!! It will impact you in many ways from bad health to state of mind...From negative to positive. Blessings

to you, Love and Light!"- Tawnya D

"I would like to tell you what a gem of a place Star Wellness is. Christa came highly recommended to me through a friend

who completed her hair removal process with Christa (after unsuccessfully going to another location for many years). I went somehwere else for Electrolysis every 2 weeks on my face for 10 + years as well because I have an ongoing problem due to hormones and medication so I feel I am a good person to speak about this. I am happy to report since attending only 8 appointments with Christa that I have now been reduced to every 3 weeks and do not have to do any in between maintenance, which I am happy about. I immediately saw an improvement from my first appointment. This system is faster, efficient and less painful. It has been an amazing improvement. My friends and even my hair dresser noticed. Christa is a talented Electrologist and very experienced. Her talent and the fact that her equipment is newer and faster all adds up to a pleasant experience."

- Vickie P        UPDATE: Vicki is now only coming in for a clean up every 8 weeks. 

Christa has been fantastic and gave me my confidence back. - Christine L

UPDATE: Christine has now completed her Electrolysis treatments.

From the moment I walked into the clinic, Christa made sure I felt at ease and not pressured whatsoever. She thoroughly explained the electrolysis process and gave me realistic expectations of the outcome. It never felt like a chore to go to appointments because I saw amazing results with each completed session. With patience and a little time, I saw a significant reduction in hair regrowth. I am at the point where most areas are virtually clear of regrowth, and since the past year and a

half, I only schedule appointments on an as needed basis. If I could do anything differently, I would have started sooner, but I would not choose anyone else for my treatments. I could not have asked for nor found a better electrologist, Christa is highly professional, an expert at what she does, and a trustworthy confidant. I recommended Christa to my mother and sister who are now clients, and I continue to recommend her to my friends." - Raweya A

UPDATE: Raweya has now completed her Electrolysis treatments.

"For years I wanted to try electrolysis, and finally decided to bite the bullet and that’s when I started seeing Christa. Christa made me feel relaxed as soon as I walked in. The first treatment was painful, but it was all worth it in the end. I started seeing results within the first few treatments, which I was extremely happy about! Electrolysis is not as expensive as I thought it was going to be. I tried laser once and wasn’t getting the same results as electrolysis. Christa is the most kind hearted and professional individual you will ever meet. She wants you to have the best results possible and I truly believe that you won’t be disappointed." - Jessica W      UPDATE: Jessica only comes for a clean up once a year.

Christa is professional, knowledgeable and incredibly efficient and makes you feel

comfortable while in her chair. Electrolysis has transformed my life. - Cindy L

UPDATE: Cindy has now completed her Electrolysis treatments.

I became a Reiki practitioner after receiving a Reiki session and feeling its wonderful benefits.  After trying medication and physio with no success, Reiki healed a back injury I received from a car accident in only 2 hours. Not only that but my cat who didn't use her litter box for over 3 years began using it again after only 2 short sessions. Reiki allowed me to see the things that were affecting me negatively so that I could remove them from my life. I became a Golden Infinity Flow Practitioner because of all the wonderful ways G.I.F.T changed my life. In the following weeks my eyes were opened to a new understanding of the Universe. I was able to let go of the things in my life that were holding me back and release restricting belief systems I had since I was a child. My psychic abilities increased, my life purpose made itself known to me loud and clear and shortly after becoming a G.I.F.T practitioner, I spontaneously began to speak Light Language. What an incredible journey, I can't wait to share it with others! 

- Christa J, Reiki Master/Teacher & G.I.F.T Practitioner.