​​​​​​WHAT IS THE GOLDEN INFINITY FLOW TECHNIQUE? The Golden Infinity Flow Technique is energy work and will assist you in raising your vibrational Frequency through Alignments, Attunements, Activations & Accelerations. These powerful sessions are performed over a crystal grid and facilitate up levelling of your light body and a releasing of that which no longer serves you and your higher purpose. This is a very special spiritual modality and there are only a limited number of practitioners that perform The Golden Infinity Flow Technique at this time. 

WHAT IS A CRYSTAL GRID? Crystals are a conscious being. Each crystal has its own unique vibration and each one can be used to assist different part of the body, different chakras, different illnesses and mental states. A crystal grid is a combination of many crystals that are arranged to work together to increase their power. Crystals can be programmed and you can set intentions with them. Crystals are a necessary part of this technique. The Crystal frequencies will greatly enhance these transmissions of light. 

WHAT IS VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY? Everything in the Universe is made up of energy. All energy vibrates at different frequencies and we as humans also each vibrate at our own different frequency. Our thoughts, choices, and actions all contribute to the frequency we are vibrating at. When we are vibrating at a higher frequency we are healthy, happy, positive, intuitive, living our life purpose, etc. As you raise your vibrational frequency, the things in your life that have a lower vibration will begin to fall away and higher vibrational experiences will be drawn into your everyday life.

WHAT IS A LIGHT BODY? Your light body is your Aura. It is an energy field that determines the health of your body and mind. This is where illness and disease first appear and where imbalances can be remedied. It is made up of 7 auric bodies that surround the physical body. Alignments, Activations, Attunements and Accelerations of your auric body allow the physical body and mind to become free of all that is in harmonious. You are healing by releasing.

WHAT IS A DIMENSION? Dimensions are not locations but levels of consciousness that vibrate at different rates. In each higher dimension there exists a higher level of awareness, a wider perspective of reality and a greater level of knowing. Each persons consciousness resides in a different dimension depending on their spiritual evolution, but many people are now waking up *11:11* and are choosing to evolve their consciousness to higher dimensions. The higher the dimension, the more you will receive knowledge and come to understand the Universe, how it works and your place in it. G.I.F.T will raise your vibrational frequency, allowing you to access this higher consciousness and begin to unlock this Universal knowledge within yourself. 

WHAT IS AN ALIGNMENT? As we go through life we become out of alignment with ourselves through stress, fear, illness, anger, pain, etc. Alignments assist you in coming back into harmony with your true self. During the session you will be aligned with the higher frequencies that are needed to assist in raising your vibration at this time. 

WHAT IS AN ATTUNEMENT? There are many different frequencies of vibrations in life. An Attunement means tuning into the range of higher frequencies that are in harmony with our highest and greatest good. These are various methods to help you tune into the vibration of love, kindness, abundance, peace, health, happiness, etc. The Attunement will bring your consciousness to a state where you can be inspired to integrate these higher vibrational frequencies in you’re your everyday life.

WHAT IS AN ACTIVATION? As humans in a 3D world many of our spiritual gifts and DNA lay dormant. As the Earth begins to vibrate in the higher dimensions, so do we. An activation can be used for many things such as assisting in activating dormant DNA, Activating your Crystalline Chakras and you will be guided to make appropriate changes to start leading your life purpose. Old habits, relationships or anything that doesn’t service your highest good will begin to fall away. You will also be guided to people or places that will help activate your highest potential.

WHAT IS AN ACCELERATION? Do you notice how time seems to be speeding up? There are intense incoming galactic energies bombarding the Earth and therefore, the vibrational frequency of the Earth is raising and we are also feeling these incoming energies. Accelerations will raise your vibrational frequency above that of your normal vibration. You may receive insights, awareness, messages, numbers or synchronicities. Accelerations happen in waves with time in between them for you to integrate this awareness and understanding into your body. Eventually the higher frequency will become your usual state of being. Accelerations are usually felt in waves with time in between to integrate the higher frequencies.

WHAT IS LIGHT LANGUAGE? Light Language is the language of our souls. It carries information and codes for frequency healing. These higher frequencies speak to your energy field and will adjust to the needs of each personal vibrational needs at that time. Light language is not a language of the mind but of the heart. There is no english interpretation as it is bypassing the mind and speaking to the deepest levels of your soul. Light is a vehicle of information. Although you will not understand what you hear, Light Language allows us to connect with Source without the interference of the mind, assisting in healing and restoration on all levels. I began spontaneously speaking light language a couple months after I began performing The Golden Infinity Flow Technique on others.

WHAT HAPPENS DURING A SESSION? G.I.F.T has only the intentions of your highest and greatest good. It is a magical, wonderful experience and each person will describe something unique to them. You will feel an immediate beautiful energy radiating form the Crystal Grid below you. I will move between touching your head, shoulders and ankles and may speak a light language transmission depending on your needs.

During a session you will most likely feel very calm and at peace. Some people feel they are in a dream state or like they have left their bodies. Your eyes may flutter due to the incoming frequencies. You may feel energy swirling, tingling, pressure, sensations, goose bumps, as if you are floating. You you may get visions, see vivid colors, feel emotions, astral travel or rarely, you may feel barely anything. The more open you are to it and the longer your session, the more you will experience. 

I have received the necessary knowledge, training, attunements and downloads to perform these Treatments.

These Alignments, Attunements, Activations and Accelerations are downloaded through myself and into you.

HOW MANY SESSIONS WILL I NEED? This is a personal preference and there are no special requirements. Many people report a difference with only one treatment. A G.I.F.T session will raise your vibrational frequency which can put you in a state of natural bliss. Many things can lower your vibration including the food you eat, the thoughts you think and the way you speak. It can take practice to stay in this higher vibration that G.I.F.T will bring you into. If you are not used to a high vibration, you may find it is easier to hold this state if you have repeated sessions until you can hold it naturally.

There are 33 different frequencies that you will pick from when you come in for an appointment (10 minutes each). You receive an alignment, an attunement, an activation and an acceleration with each frequency. There are many different frequencies we can work with therefore many opportunities to grow with different treatments. Once you get used to a high vibration, a lower vibration feels terrible. Your mood changes and life stops flowing effortlessly. You may begin to crave the higher dimensional energy. It is very important to monitor your thoughts and feelings so you can accurately judge when and if your body is telling you that it wants another “boost”.  

WHAT SHOULD I DO AFTER A SESSION? Drink lots of water and rest if you feel the need to. You may want to keep a journal of your dreams and experiences. Notice any changes to your thought process, your relationships, activities and your diet. During a G.I.F.T session we are working with very high frequency energy and it is important to stay grounded. 

ARE THERE ANY SIDE EFFECTS? Many people report feeling wonderful after a G.I.F.T session. It raises your vibration which gives you a higher perspective on life. Some side effects include feeling dreamy (but safe to go about your every day life), tingling in the Chakras, changes in sleep patterns and diet, vivid dreams, visits from passed loves ones, communication with higher dimensional beings (angels, ET’s, etc), seeing vivid colors and shapes when you close your eyes, messages, synchronicities (which some people call coincidences), your immune system will be boosted, your intuition will be increased. You may become more aware of things you hadn't noticed before and old belief systems may begin to fall away. As the veil lifts you may start to experience revelations about your life and of those around you. You will begin to see life with new eyes.  

G.I.F.T can result in a detoxification process as your vibration begins to rise the toxins and negative energies in your body will start to release which may or may not cause unpleasant symptoms. This is not the G.I.F.T session or the practitioner that is resulting in the unpleasant side effect but your body which is trying to cleanse itself. Trust that this process is for your highest good. G.I.F.T will raise your vibration and put you in a natural state of bliss. Some people report falling into a "low" after the effects of the treatment has worn off. It will take inner work and practice to allow this higher vibration to become your normal state. It is very important to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings so you know if you require further sessions.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REIKI AND G.I.F.T? Reiki is a popular natural healing method that has been used for approximately 95 years with practitioner from all walks of life spread across the earth. There are over 25 different methods of Reiki. Reiki is a method of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing for the mind, body and spirit. Reiki is a subtle yet powerful energy that will assist you to release emotional blocks held in your Chakras to promote balanced energy flow. It is a method of reflection and inner work that will allow you to acknowledge, accept and release anything you are holding on onto from your past and previous lives. With repeated treatments it has cured cancer, hearing loss, crohnes disease and more! Reiki focuses on the 7 Chakra System which is now evolving to the Crystalline Chakra System that G.I.F.T caters to. 

The Golden Infinity flow Technique was discovered 8 years ago. This modality is only available in Ontario and there are a limited number of practitioners. G.I.F.T is the transmission' of higher dimensional frequencies that works to
 raise your vibration and allow you to release whatever is holding you back from your highest potential. G.I.F.T opens you up to a new world of understanding and awareness, allowing you to expand your consciousness. The energy assists you in integrating with your multi dimensional self, activates your Crystalline Chakras, up-levels your light-body, awakens dormant DNA, ignites your spiritual gifts, opens the door to higher dimensions and so much more. There is un-limited potential of what G.I.F.T can awaken. It is recommended to keep a journal after your session or pay close attention to your thoughts, patterns, habits, relationships, career, diet, dreams, etc. Everything will begin to change for the better once you begin working with these higher dimensional frequencies.  

WILL G.I.F.T HEAL ME? In simple terms, yes. We are first a light body and then a physical body. Anyone that has any issue mind, body or spirit is due to an energetic imbalance. Our illnesses, conditions, disease, etc. first begins in our light body and is a result of a blockage or imbalance in your energy flow. G.I.F.T will assist you to raise your vibration and become in harmony with yourself allowing these blockages to become un-stuck. It will bring you to a place where you will be more aware of yourself and the life you have chosen and you will begin to make changes and choices that are more in tune with who you are. You will begin to release all that is not serving you and your highest good. It is only when we have released these blockages will we be healed. We just need to get our energy flowing again and get our vibration raised to a higher level and we will be in health and

​​Illness, disease and some injuries first begin in our spirit before manifesting themselves physically in the mind or body. Negative emotions, abuse and traumas result in blockages and imbalances in our energy flow. Not only can it cause physical discomfort and illness but also causes us stress, negativity, fear, anxiety, insomnia, depression and many other uncomfortable issues. We become distracted by our every day life, forgetting who we are and what we came here to do. G.I.F.T will help us release this stuck energy and raise our vibration to a place where we can begin walking down our life path and living our true purpose, whatever it may be. 

G.I.F.T is the transmission of higher dimensional frequencies through Alignments, Attunements, Activations and Accelerations. Dimensions are not locations but levels of consciousness that vibrate at different rates. In each higher dimension, there exists a higher level of awareness, a wider perspective of reality and a greater level of knowing. These higher dimensional frequencies will raise your vibration and allow you to release whatever is holding you back from your highest potential.

G.I.F.T opens you up to a new world of understanding and awareness, allowing you to expand your consciousness. The energy assists you in integrating with your multi dimensional self, activates your Crystalline Chakras, up-levels your light-body, awakens dormant DNA, ignites your spiritual gifts, opens the door to higher dimensions and so much more. It has only the intentions of your highest and greatest good. The Energy works much like radio waves and satellites, we can't see that it's transmitting but the signals are there. ​

G.I.F.T Session are $55 for 30 minutes

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