WHAT IS THERMOCOAGULATION (SKIN ANOMALY REMOVAL)? Thermocoagulation is a method of removing unwanted skin anomalies using high frequency current. 

WHAT SKIN ANOMALIES CAN YOU TREAT? We can safely remove skin tags, angiokeratomas, cherry spots, keratosis, milia, facial spider veins (broken capillaries). We can close un-wanted peircings, enlarged pores, lighten dark pigmented spots, remove blackheads, whiteheads & ingrown hairs.

WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE? Thermocoagulation feels similar to a pinch of a mosquito bite but is fairly quick and tolerable to most people. There are numbing options available if you find the treatment too sensitive. 

HOW LONG DOES THE PROCEDURE TAKE? Depending on the size, most raised anomalies will only require a few minutes to treat. 

HOW MANY TREATMENTS WILL I NEED? Many smaller anomalies will only require 1 treatment. Larger ones may require 2-3 treatments. 

IS THERMOCOAGULATION EXPENSIVE? Certain anomalies only require 1 treatment which starts at $50. We can usually remove a few in this time. 
HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU CAN REMOVE MY ANOMALY? I have been fully trained and certified in identifying and removing the above listed skin anomalies using Thermocoagulation.  If there is any question of the anomaly to be treated it will be requested of you to present a doctors note.

Skin Anomaly Removal


We will explain the Thermocoagulation process to you in detail and examine your anomaly to ensure it is safe for removal. ​Have a treatment that day or go home and think about it. 

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We have safely and successfully removed hundreds of anomalies. You can ensure you are receiving a proper treatment by a certified, knowledgeable, experienced and meticulous Electrologist.​​​ 


We can remove a variety of anomalies such as
skin tags, moles, milia, keratosis, cherry spots, facial spider veins, blackheads, enlarged pores & more! Schedule a free consultation so we can examine your anomaly.