We use a Microscope for superior magnification and precision. This ensures the most comfortable and accurate Thermocoagulation treatment.


Christa has safely treated hundreds of unwanted anomalies. You can ensure you are receiving a 

proper treatment by an certified, knowledgeable, experienced and meticulous Electrologist.


WHAT IS THERMOCOAGULATION (SKIN ANOMALY REMOVAL)? Thermocoagulation is a method of removing unwanted skin anomalies using high frequency current. 

HOW IS THE TREATMENT PERFORMED? In most cases the procedure involves inserting a small fine probe into the anomaly and releasing a small amount of heat. This is performed by a certified Electrologist. We use a microscope for precision and magnification. This will cause the anomaly to dry up and either shrink or fall off. Once the anomaly is gone the skin will rejuvenate itself.

WHAT SKIN ANOMALIES CAN YOU TREAT? We can safely remove skin tags, angiokeratomas, cherry spots, keratosis, milia, facial spider veins (broken capillaries). We can close un-wanted peircings, enlarged pores, lighten dark pigmented spots, remove blackheads, whiteheads & ingrown hairs.

WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE? Thermocoagulation feels similar to a pinch of a mosquito bite but is fairly quick and tolerable to most people. There are numbing options available if you find the treatment too sensitive. 

HOW LONG DOES THE PROCEDURE TAKE? Depending on the size, most raised anomalies will only require a few minutes to treat. 

HOW MANY TREATMENTS WILL I NEED? Many smaller anomalies will only require 1 treatment. Larger ones may require 2-3 treatments. If spider veins and broken capillaries are small they usually only require 1 treatment but if they are larger in size they may require repeated treatments every 2 weeks until removed. 

After treatment the anomalies removed and the skin surrounding will be red and inflamed. 
Skin tags, moles and cherry spots will appear to change color, turn into a small crust and will either shrink or fall off within a few days. 
The skin will be red and inflamed after a spider vein treatment.
Keratosis removal will scab over for a few weeks and may leave a slight pink hue. 
After milia/blackhead/whitehead removal the skin will become inflamed.  
The skin will rejuvenate itself after your treatment.

HOW DO I CARE FOR MY SKIN AFTER THE ANOMALY IS REMOVED? Most anomalies require that you keep them dry for a few days to a week and refrain from putting any creams on them so they can dry up. You will want to avoid excessive caffeine, aspirin and vigorous exercise for 24-48 hours. You may apply polysporin to keratosis removal once a crust has appeared. Please apply polysporin after spider vein treatments. We will go over a more detailed regimen at the time of your consultation.   

IS THERMOCOAGULATION EXPENSIVE? Certain anomalies only require 1 treatment which starts at $50. Treatments are offered in minimum of 10 minute increments and you can remove quite a few anomalies in a 10 minute treatment. In the case of Keratosis, some people can become covered in these. If you require more than a 1 hour appointment, please inquire about a discount. 
HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU CAN REMOVE MY ANOMALY? I have been fully trained and certified in identifying and removing the above listed skin anomalies using Thermocoagulation.  If there is any question of the anomaly to be treated it will be requested of you to present a doctors note.


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Our probes are sterilized and disposable

 but they are also insulated. Extra skin

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Thermocoagulation or "Skin Anomaly Removal"


What is Thermocoagulation?
What does it feel like?
How long does the procedure take?
How many treatments will I need?
What are the side effects of Thermocoagulation?
How do I care for my skin after an anomaly is removed?
Is Thermocoagulation expensive?
What Skin Anomalies do you treat?
How do you know if you can remove my anomaly with Thermocoagulation?


We can treat a variety of anomalies such as skin tags, milia, keratosis, broken capillaries & more!

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Treatments start at $50 and last only a few

minutes. Most anomalies require only 1 treatment. See our Rates here

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