Information for Women

If you have unwanted hair that you are tired of hiding, plucking, waxing, shaving... Electrolysis is the permanent solution you have been searching for. We have experience in treating all body areas on women. It can be for small areas such as the upper-lip or large areas like the legs. Many common areas women have treated are the eyebrows, upper-lip, chin, neck and bikini line. 

Examples of what you can achieve with Electrolysis: 

  • Permanently remove all hair from any body area
  • Shape your eyebrows with a natural look that compliments your face
  • Clean up your side burns and bring them higher while keeping a natural look
  • Remove the hair from your underarms
  • Remove hairs that escape bikini line and clean up the tops and sides while keeping a natural look
  • Shape your bikini in any shape you wish (with a template provided to us)
  • We offer full front and back Brazilian as well as Buttox Hair Removal
  • Remove hair from the hands, fingers, feet and toes
  • Remove hairs from the Breasts, Nipples and middle of the chest
  • Remove Hair on lower legs or both the lower legs and thighs
  • Remove Hair from the knees
  • Remove only select hairs (moles, irregular patches, random facial hairs)

Electrolysis Hair Removal will stop the hassle of ingrown Hairs